Humanity without Frontiers (HUWIF)

We are a non-profit scientific co operation, is the driving force that helps build a future in developing world where the rights of every child for a basic education are accomplished. That makes us unique among world organisations, and unique among those working with the children in Asia and Pacific.

We have been involved in reaching the needy in many parts of the developing world for nearly 30 years working with charities and organisations and have founded Humanity without Frontiers to further facilitate that work.

Education for all

Education is the key to hope and possibility it unlocks potential broadens worldviews and shapes the future.

It provides the tool for social progress. It nurtures children, strengthens families, empowers communities and builds nations.

Sri Lanka's Elephants are peril

There are likely 4,000 to 5,000 Asian elephants in Sri Lanka. This fragile population is susceptible to conflict with people, live capture for exports (to zoos or for captivity in the country’s temples), and habitat loss.

After all there is but one race: humanity

our team

Many have overseas experience, and all are well versed in international issues affecting children. Our team is composed of grant making, communications, development, books, and finance and operations teams, working together to carry out HUWIF’s mission.

The Humanity without Frontiers for Education First, Our International board of directors includes members from a variety of professions – finances, philanthropy, management, and consulting – and brings collective wisdom and experience drawn from many quarters. The board has provided strategic development, financial oversight, energy, and aspiration. We honour their contributions as an integral part of what HUWIF is able to accomplish.

Rohingya appeal launched

Rohingya appeal launched by HUMANITY WITHOUT FRONTIERS There is an urgent need for emergency shelters and core relief items as more refugees arrive. Please help us provide facilities in need to families in Bangladesh. Hungry and weary, the family…



Threats to Wild Elephants No room to roam: The greatest threat to wild Asian elephants is habitat loss and fragmentation. Throughout the tropics, humans have cleared large areas of forest and have rapidly populated river valleys and plains. Elephants…



Economically disadvantaged students have a very difficult time with succeeding in school. One of the most unfortunate results of their economic struggles is that students who live in poverty often drop out of school, choosing a low-paying job to…


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