Economically disadvantaged students have a very difficult time with succeeding in school. One of the most unfortunate results of their economic struggles is that students who live in poverty often drop out of school, choosing a low-paying job to pay for the luxuries they have been denied

Despite the bleak outlook for many of these students, you can do a great deal to make school a meaningful haven for them. You can help your students who live in poverty by implementing some of these suggestions:

    • Students who live in poverty have not been exposed to broadening experiences such as family vacations, trips to museums, or even eating in restaurants. Spend time adding to their worldly experience if you want poor students to connect their book learning with real-life situations.
    • Listen to your disadvantaged students. They need a strong relationship with a trustworthy adult in order to succeed.
    • Work to boost the self-esteem of students who live in poverty by praising their school success instead of what they own.
    • Provide access to computers, magazines, newspapers, and books so low-income students can see and work with printed materials. School may be the only place where they are exposed to print media.
    • Keep your expectations for poor students high. Poverty does not mean ignorance.
    • Students who live in poverty may not always know the correct behaviours for school situations. At home, they may function under a different set of social rules.

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